Get around

Public Transport

Virtually any place within the city is accessible with public transport. The city of Zurich is served by a very dense tram and bus network operated by VBZ. 

The easiest way to get around is to buy a one day ticket ("Tageskarte Zone 10", CHF 8.20), which may be purchased at any tram or bus station, see below. Note that the airport is not in zone 10, and therefore requires a different ticket (one additional zone on top of zone 10 is required). Trams and buses usually run every 7-15 minutes. If you have a smartphone and a data connection while you're in Zurich you can download the free ZVV app for Android or iPhone.

Public transport runs between 5am and shortly after midnight, Sunday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday nights there are night services, which run on different routes from the normal lines. Please note that the night-time services require two tickets, see below. The night-time services run either every 30 minutes or every hour.


Tickets can be purchased at any tram or bus stop, as well as at train stations. Tickets can not be purchased on board trams, buses or trains. If you board public transport without a valid ticket, you may be fined 80 CHF or more, so please make sure you buy a ticket. 

We recommend you get one day passes for Zurich (5.20 CHF) labelled "Tageskarte Zone 10" on ticket vending machines. This ticket allows you unlimited travel on all trams, buses, trolleybuses , trains (operated by ZVV and SBB), passenger boats (operated by ZSG) and funiculars (partially operated by non VBZ operators) within the city limit (zone 10 on zone maps). 

The night network, operated between 1am and 4am on Friday and Saturday nights, requires two tickets: one regular ticket and an additional night service fee of CHF 5.00. These services are indicated by a prefixing the bus number or SN prefixing the train number.


Taxis are rather expensive in Zurich and since every place within the city is accessible with public transport, we recommend you only use them after public transport service stops.

Basic price: CHF 6.00, afterwards CHF 3.80 per kilometer.

Z├╝ritaxi: +41 44 222 22 22
Taxi 444: +41 44 444 44 44
Alpha Taxi: +41 44 777 77 77

Private car

If you come to DjangoCon by private car, please note that we have parking available at the Conference location for 8 CHF per day. Parking is not available at the Sprint location. Please check with your hotel whether they have parking available.